Basic Usage

 Instructions - How to use Voicemail, Custom Greeting, and Numeric Retrieval.

 Call Forwarding - How to enable and disable Call Forwarding.

 Appointment Scheduler - How to use our Appointment Scheduler service.

 Secure Delivery Service - HIPAA compliant encrypted messaging and communications. 

 On-Call Scheduler - How to use our On Call Scheduling service.

 Email Decyption - Troubleshooting for our email decryption service.

Pager Manuals

Alphanumeric - Alpha Elegant, Alpha Gold, Apollo Gold, Apollo 812, Apollo 924, Bravo 800, Motorola Advisor, Motorola Advisor Pro, Motorola Advisor Gold

Numeric - Apollo T2000, 202 and T+, Apollo 301, Apollo XL, Bravo 501, Bravo 502, Eagle Ranger, Motorola Bravo Classic, Motorola Bravo Plus, Motorola Express Xtra, Motorola LS350, Motorola LS750, Motorola Pronto, NP 88

Contact Communications offers free, Windows-based SNPP services for our subscribers.  These software downloads allow you to easily page any Contact Communications pager via the Internet. Our newest version 3.53 includes the ability to send your pages with HIPAA compliant encryption via the internet. 

SNPP - Internet paging software basic version.

SNPP Client version 3.53 - Updated Internet paging software with new features including message logging, HIPAA compliant encryption, custom groups, and a user name search.

iPhone free paging app. - an easy to use free application is now available for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. The applicaton is called "iPage" and was developed by AppsOnIce. LLC.  Simply download and install the application, (note: you may have to update your carrier list after downloading the application) select "Contact Communications" as your Paging Carrier and you can page any Contact Alphanumeric pager using the internet access paging number using the following format "000-999-XXXX". The easy to follow menu allows you to build a contact list of frequently paged numbers. Contact Numeric pagers can also be configured to page using this application, call your account representative with any questions. Click here for Ipage application instructions

Paging from your Android device - Open the following link on your Android device . Click on the disclaimer box and enter your 7 digit internet paging access # 999XXXX without any "-". Enter your message and click send.