The appointments tab has to do with the setting up and reviewing appointments.

Make Appointments

Selecting the “Make Appointments” selection will guide you through setting up an appointment starting with choosing a service.

On Party and Standard appointments the screen will advance to the select personnel page allowing you to choose who the appointment will be assigned to. The any selection will assign it to the first available provider.

The next step will be the time select screen allowing for easy selection of when the appointment will begin. This is the second screen when assigning a group appointment.

Finally the customer select screen sorts customers by last name. You can also search customers by name and create new customers if needed

Upon finishing the appointment creation process the confirmation page will show the appointment details and allows finalization of the appointment or edit any erroneous information.

Every appointment is created with a unique confirmation number for book keeping purposes.

View Appointment

The “View Appointment” screen offers a variety of ways to view appointments such as by customer, by date, by provider, by confirmation number, and any combination of these elements.  You can also select a group of dates by clicking and dragging the mouse over a group of consecutive dates or click on a date and hold shift and click on another date to choose a group of dates.