The “Reports” tab allows access to three different reports that are automatically generated based on the dates and other parameters selected.  The reports can also be exported to a number of different office programs including PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Rich text documents, Web pages, XPSs, and directly to the printer for physical copies.  Once generated the reports can also  be searched and navigated on the site itself.


The “Appointments” report shows all appointments in the selected timeframe as well as the modification history for each appointment, what service the appointment is for, the provider, and the confirmation number of the appointment.


The “Logs” report shows all administrative and appointment changes, when the changes were made, and who made them.  The report can be sorted on the user that made the changes, the action taken by the user, and the portion of the scheduler the change affected.


The “Emails” report simply shows all the reminder confirmation and other emails sent out by the scheduler to its personnel and customers.  The report shows the appointment confirmation number as well as the status of the email and the text of the email itself and when it was sent.