The Settings tab features several selections for editing your account.

Business Info

    This is the default page when users log in.  By using the edit button the information on this page can be modified by users with the appropriate permissions.

Business Hours

    The “Business Hours” page allows users to edit their business hours and when they are able to make appointments, days can also be marked as “Closed for Business”.  Clicking on the pencil on the right side will allow users to edit these times.

Business Holidays

    The “Business Holidays” page allows for establishing specific days of the year that a business is closed that over rides the normal business hours.  This helps prevent the making of appointments on days no one will be in.


    The “Personnel” page allows an administrator to add employees to the account and control what aspects of the account they may edit.  Creating people in this page will add new logins for the account.  Permissions for the new person are set at creation and range from simply allowing the person to view the account and have appointments made for them all the way up to full administrator access that can create and delete personnel altogether.


    The “Services” section allows you to create different kinds of appointments with different lengths and the time that should be left open in between each appointment.  The number of concurrent appointments for each person and whether or not it is a group / party type service can also be selected.  Group appointments allow for assigning multiple clients to be assigned to an appointment while party allows for an appointment with multiple people with a single customer as the head of the party. All appointments MUST be assigned to a service and customer so it is a good idea to have a generic service / customer for one time situations / appointments with incomplete information.  Each service must also have a set of personnel who are qualified for that type of appointment.

Email Templates

    “Email Templates” is where the administrator can establish the pre-generated emails can be edited with variables concerning the appointment, customer, and service.  The center field displays the selected email type and can be typed in.  The buttons on the right add data fields to the email.  PFN: Personnel First Name, PLN: Personnel Last Name, CFN: Customer First Name, CLN: Customer Last Name, AST: Appointment Start Time, AET: Appointment End Time, SDE: Service Description, SDU: Service Duration, CNO: Confirmation Number, PRO: Prompts


    The “Prompts” section allows you to control what questions need to be answered in order to setup and appointment.   Prompts can be checked as either “Required” or not which will make answering the prompt mandatory.  Our operators ask these questions when talking to your customers and setting up their appointments.

    Once the questions are created our operators will see this screen when creating the appointment or customer with the prompts displayed to be answered on the right.  The prompts highlighted in red are prompts that are required to complete the scheduling.


    The “Miscellaneous” selection brings up a host of other options pertaining to the reminder emails including when to send the reminder email and which addresses to send it to.