1) Call your pager number.
2) When the existing prompt begins; press the “Star” button.
3) When you are prompted; enter your security code.
4) You will be told how many new messages you have and you can choose from the following:

Main Menu


7 Play Messages Menu

7 Review First Messages
3 Delete Message
4 Scan Messages
5 Save Message
6 Skip Back 2-4 Seconds
7 Replay This Message
8 Play Time and Date of Current Message

OR: To choose “User Option Menu”, after entering security code, press 8.


4 Record a Personal Greeting

   Record Your Greeting Then Press #
2 To Accept and Save Greeting
3 To Discard and Record a Different a Greeting
5 Listen to Your Recording
# To Quit and Return to User Options

7 Change Your Security Code

   Input Your New Security Code
2 To Accept and Save Your Security Code
3 To Enter a Different Security Code
# To Quit and Return to User Options

8 More User Options

4 To Erase Your Greeting
# To Quit and Return to User Options