Installation instructions for Ipage paging application (Iphone only)

1. Locate and install the "Ipage" application from the app store.
2. Go to "INFO" (settings) bottom right of screen
3. Select update carrier list and click "ok"
4. Click on "select carrier" and then click on "Contact Communications" (you should then see a check mark next to on our name)
5. Click on "settings" top left of screen
6. Click on "contacts" on bottom left of screen
7. Enter name of person carrying the pager
8. Enter the pager number as so 000999XXXX
9. Click save on top right of screen. (repeat from step 6 to add more contacts)
10.Select a contact -this will display the page text box
11.Enter a message and click send (upper right hand of screen) the app will immediately confirm that the page was sent ok.

Note: an advertising free version of this application is available for purchase under the info tab (bottom right) for $1.99