The main page features four selections on the left as well as the current schedule, viewing options for upcoming and past schedules, and editing options for the schedule.

Manage Contacts

The Manage Contacts page allows you to add or remove staff for use in the scheduling system.  Contacts are created with name and instructions, after creation contacts can have additional contact methods added using the button on the right side of the screen; pager, email, and telephone contact methods can all be added to each contact.


The Reports page shows scheduling changes made to your account and the user that made the changes.  Reports for past changes can also be viewed using the timeframe drop downs.

Manage Timeframes

The Manage Timeframes selection allows for the creation of preset timeframes for quick usage while scheduling.

Import Schedule

The Import Schedule option allows you to up load a schedule already created in Microsoft Excel or similar program.  The spreadsheet needs to be formated to certain specification covered here.