Any of our services can be combined into your ideal Virtual Office. We can design a combination of services personally tailored to your needs and assure that you can always get the job done. Whether you’re a one man operation or a large company, we can provide what you need.

v office imgLive Answering Service

A live person answering your calls when you can't 24/7/365- Click here for a breakdown of our services and your custom options!


Why pay for a second line while your faxes sit in a tray at the office?

We can provide you with an individual fax number that immediately forwards all faxes to your email.

If Privacy or HIPPA compliance is a concern, our secure fax option password protects all emailed faxes so you control who views them.

Website Support Services

Our Staff can access your website and fill out customer information with your callers. We can monitor email inquiries 24/7/365 and forward the information to you per your instructions.

Get a Work “Cell”

Some jobs demand you to be on call any time- which unfortunately means your private cell becomes a business line. Let Contact Communications provide a separate phone number where callers can leave a message or speak to our live operators. Messages still arrive on your cell or voice mail - but you don’t need to publish your personal phone number for business purposes.